Speedy Shine Car Wash

In an effort to support the community, and specifically student groups, we offer the following fundraising opportunity.


Speedy Shine will sell $15 gift cards at a 50% discount ($7.50).  The students sell the cards to friends, family members and neighbors at $15 each.  These are easier to sell than the typical items sold for fund raising such as cookie dough, candles, popcorn, etc., because most everyone eventually gets their car washed. They are also happy to purchase from the student knowing the group will get 50% of the proceeds.  If a student group of 25 kids sells 10 cards each they will raise $1,875 for their group!


The cards must be paid for in advance.  However, they can be ordered in smaller batches to assist with the organization’s cash flow.  Any cards not sold at the end of the fundraiser will be re-purchased by Speedy Shine at the original purchase price ($7.50/card).


Please complete the contact form or email info@santafespeedyshine.com if you would like to pursue this opportunity for your group.