Speedy Shine Car Wash

Consistent Quality

Our entire wash process is completely automated. We utilize light touch cloth and high quality soaps to ensure the same wash quality every time.

Why Choose Speedy Shine car wash?



Traveling down the Speedy Shine tunnel is great fun. Your kids will love the rainbow colored foam covering the windows. Come ride the Speedy Shine Express!


At Speedy Shine you stay in your car the entire time. This means you don't have to take out your kids, dogs, valuables, etc. like you have to at a full service car wash.

better for the environment

Speedy Shine uses the latest in water and energy saving technology.  We are able to reclaim and clean up to 90% of the water used in the wash process.  We are able to use less water to wash a car than you would at home.  We also capture our soap runoff and keep it out of the storm water system which is a big problem with washing your car at home. 

Free Vacuums

We offer a powerful central vacuum system to clean your car at no additional charge. We have a total of 25 spaces, 10 of which are covered and lit.  Come check out our powerful suction with no time limit.  They are definitely a customer favorite!


Speedy Shine's site is safe and secure. We have an attendant on duty at all times to make sure you are safe while washing and vacuuming your vehicle.


The entire wash process takes only three minutes. Three entry lanes mean little to no wait time.  It is possible to be on and off the lot in only five minutes!